motor installation services

In most cases when you experience a slow opening with your garage door or hear some strange noises when opening or closing the garage door, most garage owners rush to the conclusion that it is a broken spring. Before buying a new torsion spring it is always important to first confirm the exact problem to avoid spending money on unnecessary spare parts. Hiring a pro to inspect and determine the cause of the slow opening and noise is the best thing you can do if you have little or no technical knowledge.Faulty motor in the garage door opener can be the cause of the slow opening and noise and if not attended to at an early stage; it may result to serious damage which can only be rectified by new doorinstallation.In Huntington, there many garage door technicians but the place to find the best and reliable services Huntington in NY. Our technicians inspect your malfunctioning garage door to confirm that they are fixing the right problem. We have the best motors in the market and after new motor installation, we offer free maintenance and inspection tips to help our clients take care of the motor. We are just a phone call away and once you contact us, we will send a team of professionals to sort you out instantly. Call us today and we will fix your motor within minutes.